About Us

Sonya and I grew up boating with our families. After we got married we would spend our weekends on Lake Ray Hubbard outside of Dallas, Texas. Lake Ray Hubbard doesn’t have any beaches, so we would end up dropping anchor within one of its coves and spend the day wearing our life jackets as diapers while floating behind our boat. We thought there had to be better way to float and enjoy the lake. Being a product manager for other companies, I put my skills to use and designed our complete line of leisure lake products based on our experiences at the lake.

Gail Force Water Sports

As our family grew we would enjoy going on cruises with our extended family. Our favorite pastime is floating, so I would pack a duffel bag full of Saddle Floats and take them with us on our cruises. At each of the beaches we would use the Saddle Floats to go snorkeling, floating and socializing with our family. While at the beach using the Saddle Floats was awesome, however, paying an extra charge for airline luggage and lugging them around wasn’t fun at all. So again I used my product management skills to design a portable Saddle Float which would be easy to pack and carry for vacations, but would provide the same floating experience as the original.

With the expansion of our product line, we have re-named the Extra Thick Saddle Float as the Saddle PRO and our new inflatable saddle as the Saddle GO.

We hope you enjoy our products as much we do.

Scott & Sonya Carpenter
Gail Force Water Sports
Family owned and operated
Established in 2003
Dallas, Texas